First ever Kitchener Minor Lacrosse Ontario Champ – 1969 Bantams


bantam 1969

1969 Kitchener Bantams – Ontario “B” Champions


This was the first ever Kitchener minor team to win an all Ontario championship.  Many of these players and management went on to be a part of the KW Braves.  Here are some of the names:

Front Row:  Scott Diefenbacher, Bruce McLellan, Jim Grant, Dave Baker, John McCrea, Mike Ertel, Mike O’Donoghue

Second Row:  Dave Thomas, Russ Snyder, Mark Mongeon, Damon Deacon, Tom Germann,  Gary Stemmler, Craig Windley, Gerrard Blinkhorn, Dave Baker SR

Back Row: Charlie Homuth, Greg Romanick, Dan Fotopoulos, Greg Watson, Jeff Zinken, Dennis Wray, Craig Dawson, Dan Randle


Underlined names went on to play or work with the Braves.  Thanks go out to John McCrea for helping with the missing names.