This is a milestone year for the KW Braves, our 50th Anniversary.  We are excited about our upcoming season and as well the celebrations we have planned for our anniversary.  The most important aspect of these celebrations are the opportunity to rekindle friendships with former teammates, friends who were with you during your formative years, a time when you began your growth into adulthood (we think).

Get ready for a busy weekend of fun starting on Saturday June 10th when we will be hosting our annual alumni golf tournament, but this year it is more than just golf.  After the golf, dinner and prizes, we will be having live entertainment to set the mood for the evening of fun, memories and exaggerated stories. “Remember when” will be the most common words spoken that day.  Full details for the day and how to sign up for the golf will be sent out within the next week or so.

On Sunday June 11th,  our afternoon home game is alumni day.  We invite all alumni to attend this game versus our longtime rival the Orangeville Northmen.  This will be a day of honouring past players and builders for their contributions to the game of lacrosse, most specifically with the KW Braves.  Please set this game aside on your schedule for another day of memories.  The game will be at 2:00 at Activa Sportsplex.  Refreshments will be available.

All we ask right now is you mark your calendar, make sure you don’t have a conflict and if you do, eliminate the conflict.

We are still looking for contact info for many of the past players.  I would ask that you forward this to any of your former teammates.  We don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun.  There is a link on our website to provide contact info, take a minute and update yours or that of any missing teammates.  www.kwbraves.com