Former Brave Carl Becker – Needs your help

Carl Becker was the heart and soul of the KW Braves from 1986-1990.  He was a huge part of 5 very successful seasons that were hilighted with two Canadian Championships.  But now he has fallen on some hard times and could use your help.  Please read below.

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Carl’s friends have joined together to create this gofundme page for Carl and his family.  Carl has been recently diagnosed with Cancer and is going to be in and out of hospitals while he fights this battle.   Carl’s daughter and his granddaughter live with him, and the money raised will go to cover expenses while he goes through his treatments.
Carl is a very humble man, and would not have asked for help.  He may even be angry that we are doing this.  However, those that know Carl, know that he would give the shirt off his back to help anyone and this is our way of helping a friend in need.  Carl has touched so many lives; through his coaching, his friendships and his devotion to his family.
Thank you to all those that have called or text and asked how they can help. Please do not feel obligated to put your name or a set amount, any donation will be greatly appreciated.
Mike, Igmar & Dave

Sept 7 update:
Thank you for the incredible display of support and affection for our dear friend.  As an update, Carl has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and pituitary adenoma.  Carl and his family offer their sincerest thanks to everyone who has helped and sent their best wishes.  He is truly humbled and expresses his deepest Love for all of us. Carl is still in the hospital and we will update everyone when we have more information.