2022 Regular Season Schedule


NHL Playoff Pool

This hockey pool is a fundraiser intended to generate some fun and friendly competition while at the same time help to fund the operation of the KW Braves Junior “A” Lacrosse Club.    This is a 50/50 pool with prize money to be paid out to the first three positions.    I encourage every invited participant to recruit family, friends and co-workers to join this pool and share in the fun. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Entries Must be Completed by – Saturday May 7th 6:00PM EST 

To Make Your Entry    
a) go to
b) Pool Username = kwbraves      Pool password = playoffs
c)  Make sure the season says PLAYOFFS
d)  click SIGNIN
e)  A new screen will appear, click ENTRY FORM    – top left


1) Fill in your name & email & password (password is for trash talk)
2) Continue to make all your selections (25 Boxes in total) by clicking on the player/team you want
3) The final step is to click SUBMIT ENTRY


– send cheque or cash, $25.00 per entry, cheques made out to KW Lacrosse Alumni, mail to L. Hallman, 69 Munich Circle Waterloo, N2V 2L6

or send  eTransfer to

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Attached is a worksheet to assist you in making your picks. 

playoff pool 2022 worksheet




NHL Regular Season Hockey Pool

The KW Braves Alumni Regular Season Hockey Pool in support of the KW  Junior “A”  Lacrosse Club is now ready for your entries.  This hockey pool is open to anyone and everyone, family, friends, coworkers, neighbours and foes.  This is a 50/50 pool with winnings going to the Top 3.  Winnings are dispersed at a 50/30/20 split.

 This is a box selection pool where you make one selection from each box.  There are 25 boxes, 18 with skaters, 3 with goalies and 4 with teams.

DEADLINE is SUNDAY October 17th, 7:00PM.

How to register.

1.     Go to   <- click this link

2.     Login with “pool username” of  kwbraves

3.     “Pool password” is regular

4.      Click SIGNIN

5.      Click on ENTRY FORM –  top left side of the screen on grey menu bar

6.     Fill in your name, email address and a password which is used for “Trash Talk”

7.      Make a selection in all 25 boxes and once completed with all selections, click SUBMIT ENTRY  – do not hit SUBMIT ENTRY until you have made all of your selections.


Cost is $25.  Cash or cheque made out to KW Lacrosse Alumni – mailing address Lawrie Hallman, 699 Munich Circle, Waterloo, N2V 2L6

Alternatively you can e-Transfer funds to

Payment deadline is December 1st, 2021.


Below is a worksheet for you to review your selections.

Hockey Pool Worksheet



NFL Survivor Pool






This year we are running an NFL Survivor Pool, if you would like to join please use the link below and follow the instructions.

The cost is $25 per person with 50% of the winnings going to the winner and 50% going to the KW Braves.

If you have difficulty registering, Please email

Your weekly entry must be submitted every Sunday by 12:00 pm EST.

– send cheque or cash, $25.00 per entry
– cheques made out to KW LACROSSE ALUMNI
– mail to Lawrie Hallman, 699 Munich Circle, Waterloo, N2V 2L6
– Send eTransfer to


Former Brave Carl Becker – Needs your help

Carl Becker was the heart and soul of the KW Braves from 1986-1990.  He was a huge part of 5 very successful seasons that were hilighted with two Canadian Championships.  But now he has fallen on some hard times and could use your help.  Please read below.

Click this link to Donate:

Carl’s friends have joined together to create this gofundme page for Carl and his family.  Carl has been recently diagnosed with Cancer and is going to be in and out of hospitals while he fights this battle.   Carl’s daughter and his granddaughter live with him, and the money raised will go to cover expenses while he goes through his treatments.
Carl is a very humble man, and would not have asked for help.  He may even be angry that we are doing this.  However, those that know Carl, know that he would give the shirt off his back to help anyone and this is our way of helping a friend in need.  Carl has touched so many lives; through his coaching, his friendships and his devotion to his family.
Thank you to all those that have called or text and asked how they can help. Please do not feel obligated to put your name or a set amount, any donation will be greatly appreciated.
Mike, Igmar & Dave

Sept 7 update:
Thank you for the incredible display of support and affection for our dear friend.  As an update, Carl has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and pituitary adenoma.  Carl and his family offer their sincerest thanks to everyone who has helped and sent their best wishes.  He is truly humbled and expresses his deepest Love for all of us. Carl is still in the hospital and we will update everyone when we have more information.

About the team

The KW Braves Junior “A” Lacrosse Club were founded in 1967 and are now entering their 50th season of operation.  Throughout these years, the Braves have competed at both the Junior B and the Junior A level.  Since 1991 the Braves have competed in Ontario Junior “A” Lacrosse league.  Their home arena is the Kinsmen Arena, one of three rinks that are part of the Aud Complex on East Avenue in Kitchener.

KW Braves Junior “A” Lacrosse Club